Chattogram District | bKash

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Chattogram District | bKash

You are in: Chattogram District

Brand Name Thana District Division Outlet Address
Kings Burger KHULSHI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 501-02, Sanmar Ocean City, Chittagong
M/S Chattometro International Kotwali Chittagong Chittagong CHITTAGONG Yasmin Valley, 409, S S Khaled Road, Jamal Khan 
M/S Good Eats KHULSHI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 508,5Th Floor, Sanmar Ocean City, Khulshi, Chittagong
R2L Spicy Kotwali Chittagong CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 565/A,Cda Avenue Gee Point, Kotwali Chittagong, Chittagong
M/S Gilan’S Departmental Store Gilan’S Panchlaish CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 43, Chittagong Shopping Complex, Grond Floor, Nasirabad, C D A Avenue, Panchlaish, Chittagong, Panchlaish, Chittagong
Vip Tower Grocery Shop Kotwali Chittagong CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG V I P Tower 4Th Floor Kazir Deuri Bagmaniram, Kotwali Chittagong, Chittagong
Al Nur Departmental Store Kotwali Chittagong CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 75/A Centel Plaza Market, D E C Chittagonj, Kotwali Chittagong, Chittagong
Aroy Bee Kotwali Chittagong CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG S-F-1,6Th Floor R F Police Plaza, Kotwali Chittagong, Chittagong
Nawabs Dine Panchlaish CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Owalikha Mosjid, Chakbajar, Chattogram, Panchlaish, Chittagong
Sakura Kabab House Kotwali Chittagong CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 7 No M A Aziz Stedium Market, Kotwali Chittagong, Chittagong
Cafe Curry Pot-Curry Pot Kotwali Chittagong CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG F-20, R F Police Plaza, 6Th Floor, Anderkilla, Kotwali Chittagong, Chittagong
Crush Café Kotwali Chittagong CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 165 Chottresori Road, Chattagram, Kotwali Chittagong, Chittagong
Diabetis Hospital Cafetaria Khulshi Chittagong Chittagong Zakir Hossen Road, Weastern Meer, Khulshi, Chittagong
Family Shop Chittagong Port Chittagong Chittagong Zakia Menshion, Barister College Cepz, Bandar, Chittagong Port, Chittagong
Kamal Departmental Store Chawkbazar CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 260, Homera Manzil Nobab Sirajdoula Road, Chawkbazar, Chittagong
Goudhuli Panchlaish CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 45, Chittagong Shopping Complex, Ground Floor, Panchlaish, Chittagong
Adittya Store Chittagong Port CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Zakir Menshion Barister Sultan Ahmed College Road, City Corporation, Chittagong Port, Chittagong
Gbc Super Shop KOTWALI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 1 No Deb Pahar College Road 5 No Dokan Chak Bazar
Think Food Cafe KOTWALI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 150, Jamal Khan Road, W No-21, Kotwali Chittagong, Chittagong
In And Out Kotwali Chittagong CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Kayari Khan Market Nich Tola, Jamal Khan, W-21, Kotwali Chittagong, Chittagong
M/S Mogal Dorbar Birani House Kotwali Chittagong CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 21 Momin Road, Andar Killa, 32 No Word, Kotwali Chittagong, Chittagong
The Kitchen Dairy Kotwali Chittagong CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG S-F-16, R F Police Plaza, 5Th Floor, Nandakanan, Kotwali Chittagong, Chittagong
Mughal Birani And Chinese Kotwali Chittagong CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Kadam Mobarak Etimkhana Market, 2Nd Floor, W-32, Kotwali Chittagong, Chittagong
Dousa Hut Kotwali Chittagong CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 49, Boddho Mondir Sorok, Nandon Kanon, W-22, Kotwali Chittagong, Chittagong
Rosona Resturant Kotwali Chittagong CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 72 Collage Road, Chak Bazar, 16 No W, Kotwali Chittagong, Chittagong
Hashem Store CHITTAGONG PORT CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Muslimabad Road, Uttor Pateynga, W-39, Chittagong Port, Chittagong
Jashim Store PATENGA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Dakshin Halishahar Hoque Saheber Goli Narikel Tola
Arman Store PATENGA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Steel Mill Bazar, Uttor Patenga, Patenga, Chittagong
Food Hut PATENGA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Nevi Hospital Gate, South Halishahar
M/S Sulthania Store CHANDANAISH CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Badsha Market, Rawshan Hath, 1 No Kanchonabad, Chandanaish, Chittagong
M R Aziz Store CHANDANAISH CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Bangla Bazar, Chandanaish, Chittagong
Sona Mia Store CHANDANAISH CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Badamtal, Jowara, Chandanaish, Chittagong
Sa Store CHANDANAISH CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Phultala Dohajari, Chandanaish, Chittagong
Polas Store And Confectionery Chandanaish CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Station Road Dohajari, Chandanaish, Chittagong
Lucky Store Chandanaish CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Arkan Road, Dohazari, Chandanaish, Chittagong
Juice Lovers Panchlaish CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Hamja Kha Len, Majar Bag, W-07, Panchlaish, Chittagong
Red Rooster Panchlaish CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 87/88 Chittagong Shopping Complex Nich Tola, W-08, Panchlaish, Chittagong
Chapwala Restaurant Panchlaish CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 54/3/14/15 Chottossory Road Calkbajar, W-16, Panchlaish, Chittagong
Amader Foods Panchlaish CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Purbo Nasirabadh,W-8, Panchlaish, Chittagong
Cafe Al Baik Panchlaish CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Sholosohor 2 No Gate Finle Square, W-15, Panchlaish, Chittagong
The Star Kabab Panchlaish CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 18, Shol Shahar Super Market, 2 No Get, W-08, Panchlaish, Chittagong
Toyobia Cooling Corner Panchlaish CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Chan Mia Road, Khatiber Hat, Panchlaish, Chittagong
Subra Departmental Store Panchlaish CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 93 Abdullah Khan Road, Chawbazar, 16 No, Panchlaish, Chittagong
New Excellent Food Panchlaish CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 614 Sanmar Osan City, 6Th Floor, W-15, Panchlaish, Chittagong
Mela KOTWALI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 466 Mahbub Complex Dokan No 4 Keranioganj Road
M/S Khaja Grocery Shop KOTWALI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 112, A S Road Reyazuddin Bazar, Kotwali Chittagong, Chittagong
Arafat And Brothers KOTWALI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 9, Jebunessa Road Rail Bazar, Kotwali Chittagong, Chittagong
Mayer Doa Store KOTWALI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 94 No Alkaran, Kotwali Chittagong, Chittagong
M/S Choiti Store KOTWALI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 650/10No Jebunnesa Road Supari Goli, Riaj Uddin Bazar
M/S Red Chicken Restaurant And Biriani House SITAKUNDA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Uttar Salimpur Fauzdar Hat Station, Sitakunda, Chittagong
Foyez Store SITAKUNDA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Madambibir Hat, Bhatiyari, Sitakunda, Chittagong
Bonoful And Cong SITAKUNDA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Uttar Bazar, D T Road, H- 520, Ria Plaza, W- 08, Sitakunda, Chittagong
Raju Store SITAKUNDA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG abdur sabur market 439,03
Jannat Food PAHARTALI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG D T Road, Abul Biri Officer Samne, W- 12, Pahartali, Chittagong
Farhana Enterprise SITAKUNDA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Shang:D: Salimpur Fokirhat, Jafrabad, Sitakunda, Chittagong
Arabiyan Foods Pahartali CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Jahangir Market, D T Road, Bar Quarter, Pahartali, Chittagong
Haji Abu Taher Store SITAKUNDA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG ajij shoping complex 544,08 
Nazim Store SITAKUNDA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Chairman Ghata, Jahanabad, Madam Bibirhat, Vatiari, Sitakunda, Chittagong
Jafar Store SITAKUNDA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG V-Gonu Mia Shoping Complex, Diti Road, H-536, Sitakunda, Chittagong
M/S K M Traders BAKALIA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 68/2 Raja Khali Road, Chaktai
Akbar Store BAKALIA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Miahkhan Road Purbo Bakalia, W-18, Bakalia, Chittagong
M/S Liakot Store BAKALIA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Hazi Monsur Ali Road, Miah Kahn Nagar, W-09, Bakalia, Chittagong
Baro Aouliya Enterprise BAKALIA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Shah Amanat Shetu Shongjog Sarak, Ful Koli, W-17, Bakalia, Chittagong
Priyojon Store Bakalia CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Mia Khan Road, Badiar Tak, D Bakolia, W-19, Bakalia, Chittagong
Alam Coffee House Satkania CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG W-09, Kholifa Para, Satkania, Chittagong
Vai Vai Foods Satkania CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Satguria Para, 15 No Doha, Satkania, Chittagong
Atkia Foods Satkania CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Sadaha Fakir Hat, 15 No, Satkania, Chittagong
Al Riad Auto Rice Mill LOHAGARA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Podua Teuarihat, Lohagara Chittagong, Chittagong
Nur Jahan Copi House Lohagara Chittagong CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Charamba Nowabazar, 4 No, Lohagara Chittagong, Chittagong
M/S Noha Foods Garden And Departmental Store Satkania CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Kabanihat, 8 No Damsha U/P, Satkania, Chittagong
Saiful Coffee House Satkania CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Jonab Keochia, 10No Keochia, Satkania, Chittagong
Feed Bag Satkania CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Uttor Sodaha, 15 No Sodaha, Satkania, Chittagong
Mini Royel Hart And Coffee Shop Lohagara Chittagong CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Dorbesh Hat Road, Forkan Tower, 6 No, Lohagara Chittagong, Chittagong
Sai Dul Copi Shop Satkania CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Dharmopur, Chader Para, 12 No Dharmopur, Satkania, Chittagong
Minhaj Foods SATKANIA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Bandarban Rastar Matha Sonlogno, Keranihat, Satkania, Chittagong
Modina Super Shop BOALKHALI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG W-6, Upozilla Mosjid Market, Purba Gomdandi
M/S Abdun Nur Store PATIYA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Korigram, Ziri, Patiya, Chittagong
Green Chili Boalkhali CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Pourosova Market, 2Nd Floor, Purbo Gomod, Boalkhali Pourosova, Boalkhali, Chittagong, Boalkhali, Chittagong
M/S Hoque Store Banoful Agent BOALKHALI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Upojela Mosjid Market, Purba Gomdandi, Boalkhali, Chittagong
Rokomare Food Fullkoli Agent Boalkhali CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Upozila Moshjid Market Nich Tola Purbo Gomdondi, Boalkhali, Chittagong
City Mart Super Shop Patiya CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Potiya City Shopping Mal, Station Road, 9 No Ward, Patiya, Chittagong
M/S Anukul Store PATIYA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Boiltoli Road, Bus Station
M/S Amir Shah General Store PANCHLAISH CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 9,10,11, Karnafuli Complex,B-B, Sholshahar, 2 No Gate
Nandonik Store KHULSHI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 3 No Poschim Khulshi, Jalalabad, Khulshi, Chittagong
Patil KHULSHI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG A/1, Tritiotola, Amin Center, Lal Khan Bazar, Khulshi, Chittagong
New Dinesty Restaurant Khulshi CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Amin Store, 3Rd Floor Lalkhan Bazar, Khulshi, Chittagong
Nahar General Store Khulshi CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Wireless Mor, Khulshi, Chittagong
Fair General Store Khulshi CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 146, C D Avinew, Dhampara, Wasar Mor, Khulshi, Chittagong
Khaja Cooling Corner Khulshi CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Jalalabad, Khulshi, Chittagong
Café Ariba Khulshi CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG School Market, Jhaotola Bazar Road, Khulshi, Chittagong
FATIMA STORE DOUBLE MOORING CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Fatima Store 1 No Suparipara Bow Bazar Doublemooring Chittagong
Sabed Ali Enterprise DOUBLE MOORING CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Road 23, C D A, Aa/A Agrabadh
Haji Nur Store Double Mooring CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 1 No Supari Owala Para, Deuwan Hat, Double Mooring, Chittagong
Bismillah Store Double Mooring CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Rowsan Mosjid Lain, Kadamtali, Double Mooring, Chittagong
BISMILLAH FOOD CENTER DOUBLE MOORING CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Agrabad Jamburi Mattostha Kornofully Shishu Parker Purba Parshe
Doublemooring Chittagong
SAMIR AMIR FAST FOOD DOUBLE MOORING CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 3 No Karnofully Shishu Park Market Dokkhin Agrabad Doublemooring Chittagong
M/S Roddur Foods Double Mooring CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 230 Ma Moti Bhaban Gulbag A/A, Double Mooring, Chittagong
Cafe Monnan Hotel Double Mooring CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 1252 Bepari Para, Halishahar Road, Uttar Agrabad, Double Mooring, Chittagong
M/S Nur A Modina Store DOUBLE MOORING CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 76 No Karnaphuli Market Uttor Agrabadh
Ma Moni Hotel And Restaurant Fatikchhari CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Ajadi Bazar, 18No Dhormopur, Fatikchhari, Chittagong
Lakshmi Store HATHAZARI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Dhuppul, 15 No Burishawar, Hathazari, Chittagong
Anam Store HATHAZARI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Purbo Mekhal, Hujur Bari, W-5, 8 No Mekhal, Hathazari, Chittagong
Narayan Store HATHAZARI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG S N Tower, Ground Floor, Chowdhuryhat
Khaja Basundhara Hotel Fatikchhari CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Bibirhat Bazar, College Road, 8, Fatikchari, Fatikchhari, Chittagong
M/S S B Store HATHAZARI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Sarkar Hat Bazar, Mirjapur, 3 No Mirzapur, Hathazari, Chittagong
Amenia Restaurant Hathazari CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Enayetpur, 2 No Dholoi, Hathazari, Chittagong
Jahed Store HATHAZARI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Chikandandi, Fateabad, 12 No Chakandandi, Hathazari, Chittagong
Jonayed Store FATIKCHHARI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Adalot Bhaboner Samne Fatikchari, Fatikchhari, Chittagong
M/S Ruby Store Hathazari CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Modina Shopping Complex, 9, Moduna Ghat, Dakshin Madrasha, 9, Roshid Bari, 13 No Dakshin Madrasha, Hathazari, Chittagong
Rashed Cooling Corner Hathazari CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Zilla Parishad Market, Hathazari, Chittagong
Belal Cooling Corner Hathazari CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Ledis Jhupri, Fatepur, Bishawbiddaloy, 11 No Fatepur, Hathazari, Chittagong
M/S Al Marwa Store FATIKCHHARI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Purba Temuhuni Bazar, Moddho Kanchan Nagar, 7 No Kanchan Nagar, Fatikchhari, Chittagong
Durjoy Hotel And Restaurant Hathazari CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 10 Jogornath Bari, Hathazari Puroshova, Hathazari, Chittagong
Jannat Restaurant Hathazari CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 11 Maieel , Deoyan Nagar, 03, Hathazari Pourosova, Hathazari, Chittagong
Madina Cooling Corner Hathazari CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Enayetpur, 2 No Dhalai, Hathazari, Chittagong
Abhijit Cooling Corner Fatikchhari CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG College Shopping Complex, College Road, Fatikchhari, Chittagong
Mohammed Arshad Store Fatikchhari CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Jonkar Dorbar Road, Nazirhat, Nazirhat Puroshova, Fatikchhari, Chittagong
Gawsia Rahamania Hotel And Restaurant Fatikchhari CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Darber Shorif, 14 No Nanupur, Fatikchhari, Chittagong
Biyajid Store SANDWIP CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Namar Bazar, Kalapania, W-08, Sandwip, Chittagong
Hridoy Store SANDWIP CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Badam Tali, Rahmatpur, W-07, Sandwip, Chittagong
Robel Store SANDWIP CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG New Complex, Haramania, W/9, Sandwip, Chittagong
Kashem Store SANDWIP CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Ghat Majhir Hat, Gasua, W-06, Sandwip, Chittagong
Nur D Store Sandwip CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Anam Nahar Mor, Haramia, Sandwip, Chittagong
Ayat Super Shop Bayejid Bostami CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Bayejid Kacha Bazar Mor, Bayejid, Bayejid Bostami, Chittagong
Food Valley Bayejid Bostami CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Bayejid A/A-3, Contentment Super Market, Beyojid Bostami, Bayejid Bostami, Chittagong
Café Baizid Bayejid Bostami CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG H-175, Bayezid Bostami, Bayejid Bostami, Chittagong
Bismillah Food Gallery And Mini Restaura Bayejid Bostami CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Sapno Nir, Chawdhury Nagor, A/E Mosjid Road, Bayejid Bostami, Chittagong
Kacci Bari Halishahar CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG P C Road, Barapole, Halishahar, Chittagong
M/S Bhai Bhai Store And Telecom ANOWARA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Chatori Chowmuhoni Bazar, Anowara, Chittagong
M/S Shah Amanot Store KARNAPHULI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Juldha Pipe Er Gora Bazar, Karnaphuli, Chittagong
M/S Hossain Store BANSHKHALI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Gunagari Khash Mahal, Banshkhali, Chittagong
Bkash Store Banshkhali CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Bahar Ullah Para, W-03, Banshkhali, Chittagong
Café Mamar Bari Banshkhali CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Bashkhali New Market, Banshkhali, Chittagong
M/S Gawce Tea Stall Hotel And Biriani House ANOWARA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Chatri Choumohoni Bazar, P A B Road, Anowara, Chittagong
C F C Chowmohoni Food Corner Anowara CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG C U F L Road, Chatori Choumuhoni Bazar, Anowara, Chittagong
Café Redd Chile Banshkhali CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG New Market,Gunagori, Banshkhali, Chittagong
Daruchini Karnaphuli CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Rahat Khan Market, Bandar, Karnaphuli, Chittagong
Purnanondo Store RANGUNIA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Pomra Santir Hat, W- 06, Pomra, Rangunia, Chittagong
New Modhubon Rangunia CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Ichhakhali, W-03, Rangunia Pourosova, Rangunia, Chittagong
Euro Cooling Corner RANGUNIA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Ward No-08, Chondroghona Dobhashi Bazar
Suit King Rangunia CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Dovashi Bazar, W-08, Chandraghona Kadamtali, Rangunia, Chittagong
Hozrot Ahosan Ullah Shah Cooling Kornar Rangunia CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Ranirhat, Rajanagar, Rangunia, Chittagong
The Dawat Restora RANGUNIA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Moriyam Nagar, Chomuhani, Rangunia, Chittagong
Al Modina Suits And Coffee House Rangunia CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Mariyam Nagar Chowmuhoni, Mariyom Nagar, Rangunia, Chittagong
Al Alaviya Enterprise RANGUNIA CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Mererkhil Sorofvata, Sorofvata, Rangunia, Chittagong
Satkaniya Store CHANDGAON CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Omar Ali Matabbar Road, Chandgaon, Chittagong
Monsur Store CHANDGAON CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Riyaz Uddin Ukil Sharak, Chandgaon, Chittagong
Ibrahim Store CHANDGAON CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Chairmanghata, Omar Ali Mattobbar Road Purbo Solosohor, Chandgaon, Chittagong
Wempi Cafe CHANDGAON CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Shah Amanat Setu Sonjog Sarak, Bahadderhat, Purba Sholosahar, Chandgaon, Chittagong
Rupali Hotel and Restaurant CHANDGAON CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Meheraj Khan Ghata, Chandgaon, Chittagong
Chandga Handi Chandgaon CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Bus Tarminal, Chandgaon, Chittagong
Star Coffee House And Food Corner chandgaon CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Riaj Uddin Ukil Sarak, Chandgaon, Chittagong
Present Food Chandgaon CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Kaptai Rastar Matha, Chandgaon, Chittagong
Mayer Doya Coffee House Chandgaon CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Kula Para, Mohra, Chandgaon, Chittagong
Tania Food Chandgaon CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Kajirhat Mohra, Chandgaon, Chittagong
M S AL IDRIS STORE CHITTAGONG PORT CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG E P Z Gate Dakshin Halishahar Bandar Chittagong Sador Chittagong
Mew Muslim Bekars And Confectionery Chittagong Port CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Bandar Port Officer Samne, 3 No Fokir Hat, W-36, Chittagong Port, Chittagong
M/S Ciricot Store Chittagong Port CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Kalshi Dighirpar, Halisohor, 38 No, Chittagong Port, Chittagong
Food Vision Chittagong Port CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG 1 No Bondar Notun Market, W-37, Chittagong Port, Chittagong
M/S Sahela Departmental Store And Cofee House MIRSHARAI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Darogar Hat, Sufia Madrasha, Mirsharai, Chittagong
Ema Store MIRSHARAI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Girls School Market, Ajampur, Mirsharai, Chittagong
M/S Nobi Store MIRSHARAI CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Boro Darogahat, Baroiadhala, Mirsharai, Chittagong
Prak In Resturent And Birani House Mirsharai CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Kashem Market 2Nd Tola, Mirsharai, Chittagong
Jom Jom Sweets And Beks Mirsharai CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Korerhat, 1No, Mirsharai, Chittagong
Switch Garden Hotel And Resturent Mirsharai CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Khan City Center, Koroiahat, Hinguli, Mirsharai, Chittagong
Meheraj Coffee House Mirsharai CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Bamon Sundor, Dak-Darogahat, 7 No Katachora, Mirsharai, Chittagong
Royal Sweats Mirsharai CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Baroyrabhat, Irani Market, Dak-Hinguli, 2 No Hinguli, Mirsharai, Chittagong
Jononi Restaurant And Bireani House Mirsharai CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Thakur Digi Bazar , Vordajhat , 8 No Dugapur , Mirsharai, Chittagong
Rosmela Mirsharai CHITTAGONG CHITTAGONG Baryerhat Railgate, Hinguli, 2 No Hinguli, Mirsharai, Chittagong


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Chattogram District | bKash